Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging - When Muses Speak

Today I'm really "blogging", sorry -- But feel free to leave an opinion if you want. (Which means I'm going to spout my opinion or post an observance that nobody cares about but me.)


I freaked out last night when I discovered another author has just published a novel so very similar to one of mine that I'm not comfortable publishing mine without changes.

Question: DO muses speak and multiple people hear them? Were we both listening to the same muse at the same time? This is freaky!

Answer: I am even MORE suspicious than ever of the internet now (I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart, you know?)

Question: COULD my computer possibly be shooting my ideas across cyberspace and leaking them to someone else who is madly writing them down at a pace race drivers at Indy would envy? Is my computer a mole in my operation? (I'd be more inclined to believe that if I was perhaps a more important author in the field...or a person at all in the publishing field.)

Answer: Yes -- That Google search probably spit my work right into someone else's computer and she improved it...

So for now I guess it's back to the old drawing board to make some changes and hopefully improvements to my bootlegged story... I guess, I should have been quicker with it.

I want you all to relax though, I think I've resolved the issue. For security purposes, I'm writing future work out on paper with invisible ink next time, copyrighting it immediately, and never sending out queries to editors or agents to tell them what it's about. I can hide it in my office and never print it. NO ONE WILL KNOW WHAT IT'S ABOUT THEN --HEH - HEH - HEH...

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