Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Promise

I look to the morning sun
Feeling warmth there - waiting
Another lifetime that is right,
Another place past sight

I turn hopeful thoughts away
Parting from youth – alive
Aging signs align, my heart keeps
Constant beat with time.

I speak empty words aloud
Kept deep within – the truth
Life is rich, love waits
Full of hope, grace, faith
Of endless promise.

by Maureen Sevilla

Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Days Computers Make Me Nuts

Today is one of them--- Please tell me why the shape poem re: The Egg lost it's shape in this blog. It looks like it broke. And 'The End' used to be in poetry format. Good grief, Charlie Brown !!!!
I'll say no more. I know it's user error, but I can't figure out why it changes all by itself. The computer flattened my 'egg' and turned my poetry into prose. Well, do you think it's a comment on the quality? Don't answer that --I'll probably hear from the computer later.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Classroom Poetry

The End
By Maureen Sevilla

I’m done
The last red-hot sunset
Of a waning summer day.
Disenchanted, disillusioned
Disappointed, disheartened

I’m done
The last brown autumn leaf
Falling from the dried up oak.
Unavailable, unengaged
Uncompleted, unappreciated...

I’m done
The last smoldering ember
In the cooling winter fire.
Finished, frustrated
Foiled, fini…