Tuesday, August 14, 2007

About the music

I keep thinking about the song I've got on this site. I'm not a country fan so I'm surprised at myself. The lyrics are 'country' ... but to me they do paint a picture I find very romantic. Upon a little analysis I wonder why ...

If a guy told me that I was his 'kind of rain', I'd want to buy it! ... now then, what about 'confetti fallin' from a drunken sky' ? I love the line in the song, BUT really!!! Is that really something I can get my mind around as romantic? (It must be the way Tim says it!)

So to you writers ( or to any woman ) ... Is the timber of voice more important than the words, or what a man says ...? Or is it the picture he paints? The question is up for discussion.

And thanks to Erica for her comment on the last question.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Gift for Today

Gerard Butler

It's not my favorite picture of him, although I doubt there's one I don't appreciate -- but the expression is priceless. As a writer I'm challenged to describe it.

Tell me what you think he's thinking. Where is he and what's he doing? Who is he looking at?

I want some BLOG responses.....