Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm thinking of a poem fit for the season and something to get us through the New Year. Let's all follow this advice and smile more this year. Look around you, I'll bet you see something that will inspire you.

New Year by Maureen Sevilla

There's a reason for the season
Not Ho, Ho, Ho
Not Hum, Hum, Hum
It's not just teasin' -- or buying for pleasin'
Try a grin on everyone.
Smilin', Huggin', Kissin', Lovin' --
This is the way to start the fun!

Spread the cheer, don't ever fear
A grumble or mumble
A stumble or tumble
Take time together -- no matter the weather.
Drink a toast to old'n new.
Warmer, Higher, Brighter, Lighter --
This is my Christmas wish for you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Tales

Here are three eBooks from authors at the Wild Rose Press.
Each is a cute romance for the Halloween Season.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wearing different hats

Do you remember the the children's story about the man who traveled to the fair with all the hats atop his head?

Don't you feel like him somedays? here are some hats I'm weraing today:
  • Mother
  • Wife (note to self - these are in order of importance at the moment)
  • Editor
  • Business owner
  • Copy writer
  • Friend
  • Writing partner
  • Author
  • Marketing director
I'm retired from homemaking. What does that mean?
  • No more cooking (unless I feel like it)
  • The dish fairy left home (every now and then she drops by and surprises everyone)
  • When I'm in the mood I may ride my broom through the kitchen
  • But I don't vacuum
  • My allergies prevent me from dusting
  • We just got a new washing machine and I don't feel the need to test drive it
  • I can't grocery shop - I'm always dieting - the temptation is too great to buy donuts

All those hats are heavy. I had to get rid of the ones I didn't like. LOL

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Woman's Perogative... I changed my mind.

I'm keeping this Blog as my writing journal. I'm comfortable here, and I can babble to my heart's content. Follow me or don't, comment, or not, but this is my creative place, and I intend to stay here. I'm going to add links to my favorite books [ones I've edited, ones I've read, or ones I've heard great things about and recommend], websites and blogs, but I think I'll make a list in my word processor first and add to it as I go. Do any of you have an easier suggestion? After being absent for so long I feel like I'm talking to myself, but it never stopped me before.

If you ever read my blog about the Muses, here's an update: I got to meet the author whose book title and mine were inspired by the same Muse. What a lovely person she is. It was at RT in April and she's having great success with all her books. Check out Anya Bast's book list, hot and spicy paranormal reads.

I've procrastinated long enough...I'm doing revisions on Power of the Light...back to work!