Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Selfish Hour

You can see, why I've had a problem at my desk lately. Every time I try to write, this ghost writer gets there first. She doesn't Tweet. Poor darling just tries to catch the little blue bird when it chirps.

I know - I know - I've been lax with this blog recently. I used to be so much more diligent, but with all the social networking available, I feel like some things have fallen by the wayside...unfortunately, this blog has been one of them. I miss writing my horrible poetry and subjecting you all, my friends, to my tirades and rants when I finally look up from the pages of a book or my computer screen long enough to note some new ridiculous event which inflames my sense of irony. Sooo, here's a quick update for anyone who might be interested in what I've been up to recently... I know you're waiting with bated/baited [is that fishy?]breath.

  • Some of you know, I've been editing for The Wild Rose Press going on three years now. The books in the slide show represent a few of my authors' works. Other books on this page are by several of my critique partners. E-Publishing looks like it may be the wave of the future or as some of us see it - the present.
  • Critiquing - I've been busy working with several authors on their books and my own. They are all lovely, supportive women, struggling to make time in their busy days to do what they love!
  • Reading - Voraciously - I've consumed book after book [like a vampire at a human banquet.] Working on a paranormal can you tell?
  • Learning about social networking, finding ways to minimize time online and maximize coverage. [tweet, tweet]
  • Family - never enough time for me to spend time with my brood. Husband, five children, three son-in-laws, four grandchildren, three grand cats, many fish, four grand dogs ... and a partridge in a pear tree ... just kidding about the partridge.

As I contemplate how dear free time can be, I'm amazed at how frequently I choose work over what or who I enjoy - people I want to be with, doing things I love to do, making time for contemplation. Make time today to spend time with someone who makes you laugh and do something you want to do! Take a selfish hour for you. Everyone deserves at least one hour of his/her very own.