Tuesday, August 14, 2007

About the music

I keep thinking about the song I've got on this site. I'm not a country fan so I'm surprised at myself. The lyrics are 'country' ... but to me they do paint a picture I find very romantic. Upon a little analysis I wonder why ...

If a guy told me that I was his 'kind of rain', I'd want to buy it! ... now then, what about 'confetti fallin' from a drunken sky' ? I love the line in the song, BUT really!!! Is that really something I can get my mind around as romantic? (It must be the way Tim says it!)

So to you writers ( or to any woman ) ... Is the timber of voice more important than the words, or what a man says ...? Or is it the picture he paints? The question is up for discussion.

And thanks to Erica for her comment on the last question.

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  1. That song is nonsensical yet romantic at the same time. Weird. Must be a combination of the words, the tone, the man in the cowboy hat...

    The first time I heard his "Where the Green Grass Grows", I *hated* the line about corn popping up, but I lurved the line that went:
    [I'm gonna] point our rocking chairs towards the west

    Why? I dunno. I guess because it sounds a) peaceful, b) like he enjoys companionship, and c) like he's looking forward to growing old together.

    Or maybe that's me interpreting what I want out if it. *g


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